Signage remote changes services terms & conditions

By selecting this services you agreed to the following term & conditions.


  1. We will provide you with up to 5 remote changes a month when you request them.
  2. Changes will include prices, information, images, videos, widgets and other components.
  3. This services does not include the redesigning your system since that would take some time to do.
  4. Changes will take effect with in minutes or hours after submission depending on the type of change and how busy the staff is.
  5. You will have to provide us with a password to authorize the changes every time you request one, note without the password we will not make any changes to your system, for security reasons please make sure to memorize or keep the password written on a secure location.
  6. We will make a remote backup of your system before we make any changes to your Signage or Digital menu system.
  7. You will have to provide us with the material for the requested changes for example images, videos, text, info or prices.
  8. We will alter or make modifications to images, videos or audio files you provide us to make your changes.