Frequently Questions Asked Digital Signage & Menu systems

  • Q? What are digital menu & digital signage?
    A. Quite simply, a digital menus and digital signage are designed to replace traditional wooden, plastic or cardboard displays with electronic, high resolution LED displays. They can be used in restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, casinos, educational campuses, office buildings, etc.
  • Q? How much does the signage system or digital menu services cost?
    A. Well, all depends on the type of system needed, the amount of L E D TVs needed, the screen size, the L E D locations, the menu size and the establishment location for example we are located in New York City and you need a digital menu but your location is Boston, we may include the travel expenses on the final price.
  • Q? Is there a monthly or yearly fee?
    A. We do offer remote tech support for a small monthly fee, however this is optional and not required. We do recommend it, it allows us to remotely make changes and trouble shoot your digital menu or signage system should there be any problems.
  • Q? Can a promo Video be integrated into the screen?
    A. Yes. When we design the screen for your establishment, tell us in advance what kind of video you would like to run on the screens at any given time. You may have several promos rotating on a pre-set schedule.
  • Q? Do I need Internet in my location?
    A. Constant Internet connectivity is required if you run an RSS feed, weather, live video feed or any other live information pulled from another online source. In addition, Internet is required for us to make changes to your menu. However, you don't need Internet to actually run the menu itself.
  • Q? Can i change the content on my Digital Menu or Signage System?
    A. It's our job to provide a good service, for a small monthly fee we will make any changes for you remotely you just go ahead and keep taking care of business while we make the requested changes.
  • Q? I have my own flat panel screens, can I use them?
    A. Yes! Our computer system will be connected to your existing screens. Keep in mind that most of our users are using commercial grade monitors, which are specifically designed for the Digital Signage Industry. Unfortunately, many consumer grade televisions may not be able handle the demands of digital.
  • Q? Can the system automatically turn on and shut down everyday at an specific time?
    A. A custom system can be build to perform that task for example if the business open from 9AM to 6PM the system will automatically turn it self and the TV's on at 9AM and shutdown at 6PM but keep in mind this require CEC compatible LCD TVs and it will cost you more to be implemented.